Sunday, February 27, 2022

Links in the Posts

Here is a list of the links referenced in the posts, as accessed on the dates when the posts were written.

Defining Faith and Science: Part 2

How Science Works:

Do Science and Religion Overlap?

Science and Religion: Reconcilable Differences:

Peters’ Typology:

Worldviews about Science, Religion, and Reality

The Counterbalance Foundation:

Too Much Faith in Science?

Evangelical Atheism Today: A Response to Richard Dawkins:

Is Science Value-Free?

Science Has Limits:

Calling for Education Reform in Science

Understanding Science:

About Understanding Science:

Why God is Not a Scientific Hypothesis– And Why We Would Not Want Him To Be

Science has limits:

What About Evolution?

For the “Miriam on Evolution” link, you will just have to read my book

Does Evolution Support Atheism?

Dave’s post:

Methodological naturalism quote:

Fertile Common Ground: Conservation

Alliance of Religions and Conservation:

Forum on Religion and Ecology:

Society for Conservation Biology:

Religion and Conservation Biology resource page:

Fact or Theory?: Getting it Right

UC Berkeley Understanding Science website:

See more on testability:

See “Falsifiable” here:

Understanding Science Project summarizes:

Proving the Impossible is Probably Implausible

Kenneth R. Miller quote is found in the post, “A Most Exquisite Little Creature.”


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